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Photography is more than simply a creative outlet for me.  It is more than a passion.  The passion and creativity rely upon and are propelled by a foundation that balances my core, stimulates my intellect, and expands my heart.  The making of photographs returns me to the essential, to that foundation.  Comprising this foundation are many things–chief among them are mindfulness, discipline and intention, a compassionate eye, humility, and an appreciation of the essential in all its complexity and simplicity.

CharliePortraitI make photographs of what moves me, attracts my curiosity, suggests a story to my mind, or evokes an emotional or intellectual reaction.  I like to return to a subject, a place, or an object to make new photographs that may or may not convey something completely different from the time before.  In contrast with the frenetic and relentless pace that life can demand, I try to convey in my photographs a sense of calm, tranquility, melancholy, lyricism, rapture, or humor.  I hope you enjoy them.

An avid hobbyist since childhood, I began studying photography in 2002 and have taken classes and workshops every year since then from a variety of wonderful professional photographers who also excel at teaching–at the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington School of Photography, Maine Media Workshops, Nature’s Image Workshops, Blue Ridge Workshops, Horizons Workshops, Lenswork Magazine, and Tillman Crane Photography Workshops.

In early 2012 I retired from a 30-year career in the private sector and the federal government in human resource management and international affairs. A week later, I jumped in the car with my husband and and our dog and we drove across the country to the Pacific Northwest. We now happily reside in Sequim, Washington.

My work can be viewed at the LARC Gallery located at 425 East Washington St, Sequim (, and at the Blue Whole Gallery located at 129 West Washington St., Sequim (  Please also visit my website online at