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Hello this is Eva Kozun, OPAA’s acting Historian.  I’m hoping to inspire you…our membership to “Share your recent news and art making”.  Do you have any art produced, artful activities, inspirational stories, thoughts, and wisdom to share?. Tell is how you are keeping sane in this crazy world.  ‘-) This is a chance to offer our members some tips and insights as to how you are keeping your ‘balance’, emotionally, physically, spiritually? Have you written a poem lately?  Hove you painted ‘how you feel’, how you see the world? Have you volunteered in your community?   What motivated you this last year to create art, paint, sculpt, draw, etc… or was there no motivation?We’d love to know?.  

Share your stories with us so we can use them to help/inspire/inform others and chronicle what we have experienced. As Historien, I am compiling what you send me in a scrap book for all  to see and read (some day soon we can hope.)  It will be great to chronicle issues we have had to deal with in 2020, and how artist have use art to cope with life, and life with Covid.  I have received just a few emails as of this date but I’m hopeful you’ll all come through.

We have gone through all sorts of social and cultural challenges over the last 51 years as an art organization and we continue to be a strong, active organization that brings inspiration, purpose and new learning to our members.  Please participate .. send me pics of your art, your writing, your coping mechanisms…….. Copies will be made on my printer and they will be installed in the 2020-2021History album for our members to enjoy in years to come.  What you send me may also be posted in our newsletter and web page (unless you specify not to)……so that others may benefit and enjoy.

I’ll share this …for this moment.    My friend sent me a great New Year’s Resolution…..  “Finish all of my art projects from 2020 that I should have done in 2019, after I started them in 2018, and after buying the supplies for them in 2017 with the tutorials I found in 2016.”  We can all relate right?…. Personally,I have a better chance of keeping that resolution, than losing weight in 2021.  ‘-) Thank You.  We miss you all.  Stay well and Happy.  Contact me anytime on my new email, which is           
Eva Kozun