Barb Falk Statement/Bio

Artist Barb Falk/Diekfuss came from a large family with six siblings. Being raised in the country on a farm, she developed a strong love for nature. Barb started painting at the age of 16 and in her early twenties was commissioned by various individuals to create oil paintings for them she has also worked for numerous companies in a marketing capacity for over 36 years.
During this period she used her creativity to design catalogs, advertisement pieces, and promotional materials. Her experience includes working with local, statewide and national businesses promoting award winning artist. Falk and her husband started their own statewide business for 36 years. To ensure she allowed time for her family Barb decided to discontinue painting until after she retired. To be closer to their son barb and her husband moved to Washington. It is here she became inspired to follow her passion for painting again. Barb is a strong advocate for wildlife preservation, animal rights and for protecting the environment. Currently Barbs paintings are displayed and sold at One Of A Kind Art Gallery in the Landing Mall of Port Angeles, Wa.

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