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In my 30’s I took lessons from a professional artist, Toaa Dallo, in central California. I began to learn the concepts of drawing and soon completed some pieces. After that, I painted off and on (mostly off), for 20 years or so and never picked up a brush again until moving to Sequim in 2007.

Initially after the move, I attended weekly drawing and painting classes for about 3 years with Susan Spar, a local professional artist who works primarily in oils. I then decided to find a more creative side of myself by stepping out of the box and delving into Collage and Abstract. Fortunately I found another professional artist here, Mary Franchini, and have attended her weekly sessions. She inspires the freedom of expression within me, no matter the medium. Along the way, I’ve taken some additional workshops with other artists, and have even experimented with fused glass. My brother M.E. “Mike” Bailey, a well-known water colorist, has also helped to motivate me along the way.

At this point, I realize I’m just beginning to find my niche. Oil painting is my first love; however, I’ve learned to love Acrylics. I absolutely LOVE plein air painting and I laugh while letting go and delving into abstract art. Collage work feeds my inner Girl.

I’m excited and enthused at what the world of Art offers me. I realize I know nothing and everything. Art is subjective. If some of the people don’t like what I do, some of the people will like what I do. I want to experiment and am my own worst critic. This is my time, my Art, my way, and my say, yet I will always welcome feedback!!

Enjoy the work, or not….I’ll have fun anyway. Thanks for looking.