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Artist Statement/Bio

Eva has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from University of Southern Maine and a Masters In Art Education from MECA The Maine College of Art.

She produced art for several galleries in Maine and regularly taught students of all ages for over 20 years  .  She revels in the joy of making Art for the Sake of Art.

Eva recently moved to the PNW to retire with her husband of 44 years.   ” We have enjoy living in Sequim with it’s gentle climate and scenic beauty”, she says.

She has recently renewed her art making, creating one-of-a-kind original works of art and says “It is exciting to be working on my art again”.

The most unique thing about her art is that she is proficient using a broad range of media and finds great joy and satisfaction using her skills to express herself creatively.

The images  samples of art using wood, stone, acrylic, clay, tile, fabric, and watercolor