I’ve always been creative. But, my passion for painting did not surface until the Summer of 2015 while recovering from health issues. I attended a few local art classes but am primarily self taught. Have worked in acrylics, pastels, watercolors and colored pencil. My fascination with painting cats and dogs began with a photo of my cat. It is the deep-rooted connection I feel with each subject that inspires me to bring them to life. The eyes are the windows of the soul. It is that which I attempt to capture. 
My work has earned many awards including “Best in Show”. I’ve been commissioned to paint animal portraits, a book cover and was included in PFOA’s calendar. In 2018 I had the honor of attending a Master Class in Victoria, BC taught by Canadian Wildlife Artist Robert Bateman. 
Born and raised in Los Angeles , my mother was an accomplished musician who taught violin, clarinet and piano. Although I grew up with a musical background my passion was for ice skating. I had plans on becoming a professional skater. In the year 2000 I retired from the US Postal Service, left California and relocated to Sequim. Currently, I am painting just for the joy of painting. Always challenging myself to improve my skills. 

My work may be found on Facebook at Sharon Tobin Art