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Born and raised in New York, Susan Martin Spar received her early training from The Fashion Institute of Technology before moving to southern California in the 1980s where she studied with other well known artists and teachers and for a brief time at the Watts Atelier. Susan now lives, paints and teaches in Port Angeles, Washington.
Consisting of colorful landscapes and intensely detailed still life, Susan’s colorful work belies its tonalist approach to which her work owes its depth. Susan has won numerous awards for her work at juried competitions and she is in the permanent collections of both the Millard Sheets Foundation and the Corona Heritage Park Foundation as well as private collections throughout the nation.

“For me, it’s all about light. Light is the concept on which my pieces are built. Light breaking across a landscape where the sky is dark and the land is lit, light in early morning hours illuminating a misty lake, light falling on a young girl sitting at a window, light moving across a table illuminating the objects or pooling intensely on just one or two. It’s not the subject, the subject or even the style can be anything. It’s the light that births the concept and the rest is just the stage with supporting cast on which it plays.”

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