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Artist Statement/Bio

I was raised in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.  I went to undergraduate school in Indiana with a double major in music.  I traveled throughout the US with a singing group for 4 years.  From the University of Illinois I received a masters degree in Social Work and worked until my retirement in mental institutions, medical hospitals and in private practice.     I spent most of my life in Colorado.  There I enjoyed the beautiful Rocky Mountains camping and skiing.

My family were gifted musicians and artists.  As an example, my father made stain glass windows for churches.    My husband and I have four children and 5 grandchildren.

In the 1970-80’s I painted in oils and acrylics. I found that painting gave me the feeling of  accomplishment  where as my work with people’s emotional lives there was no visible accomplishment.  After moving to Washington in 2002, my interests turned to watercolor and fiber art.

I have taken classes from local artists, Sally Cays, Patricia Taynton, Robert Brown, George Zein, and Maria Shipova, as well as well nationally known artist such as Stan Miller, Ron Stokes, Judy Morris, Kim Johnson, and most recently Hung Nguyen .  I have also taken classes from fabric artists.

I find that painting and fabric art classes complement each other, both teaching design concepts and color theory.  It is exciting to watch something “come alive” as I create.  There seems to be no limit to the challenges they both present.  I am often wondering how to both paint on fabric and paint fabric on paper.

I am inspired by the beauty around me.  That which God creates can never be truly repeated, but I enjoy trying to capture what I see.

My contact information:

email address BJ2Beighle@msn.com