Your Web Page on the OPAA Website

1. The first step is to become a member of OPAA.

Go to Membership – for forms and payment options.

2. Please remit a donation $15 per year to maintain your page.

Go to the Membership page for Web Page online payment,  or pay with your membership application that you bring to a meeting (when we can meeting in person) or that you mail in.

3. After remitting the Webpage donation, contact Debbie Young, 602-309-2724 or and she will work with you to set up your webpage.

4. Find examples of items that could be on the webpage on your Member Page by viewing existing pages. You can access those pages under MEMBERS’ PAGES/GALLERIES (in navigation bar at the top of the page).

5. Debbie will need:

  • 5 to 10 images about 1600 pixels on the longest side in Jpg format.
  • Plus any text either in a Word document or in the body of an e-mail, that you want on the site (Please do not send it as a jpg document.).
  • Again please look at what others have already on the site.
  • An artist statement would be nice and a picture of you the artist. Names of the images would be a good addition.

Debbie can do the whole page for you and is willing to change things on it once a year. You do not have to do anything but pay your yearly donation and send info.

7. This website gets thousands of hits a year and your work can be out there. Also you can link to other pages and sites.

Preparing your text for the Web Page

We all have trouble writing about ourselves.  Here’s some thoughts on what to cover when preparing your statements for your web page:  (suggestions only)


  • Name
  • Address, phone number   —  (for records but hidden from web page view)
  • Web Page (list personal web page here to provide information for individual contact, inquiries, sales and calendar of exhibitions. Your own artist statement would also reside there.)

Type of Art You Do

  • Category (sculpture, painting, printmaking, collage, photography, jewelry, ceramics, performance, video (etc.).  You can have more than onecategory, but list separately.
  • Remember, categories are NOT styles. Category and medium are relevant for this information. Style and content (Abstract, realistic, and portrait or landscape, are not because they may be always changing)

Why Did You Choose Your Medium(s)?

  • Here you can list many separate mediums, but once again, not styles
  • This might show a history, as “I started out as a jeweler, but became interested in doing larger pieces. Used my casting experience to make larger casting, etc.
  • Mediums you are interested in exploring in the future.

What is Your Background (Education and Training)?

  • Education
  • Workshops
  • Technical training
  • Private instruction from other artists

Do You Teach?

  • School or college
  • Workshops and private classes
  • At a facility (retirement home, or Boys and Girls Club, for example)

How Do You Support OPAA?

  • Current responsibility in the club.
  • History of elected positions, volunteer roles.

How Do You Support Art in Your Community?

  • Memberships in Art Groups
  • Memberships in Galleries, including Co-ops.
  • Support for other art forms (theater, music, dance, etc.)
  • Volunteer work
  • Publicity, Hosting, Donations (time and money)
  • Outreach

Graphic example(s) of Your Work (format, JPG , 1600 pixels on the longest side)

  • Several images, for each category you are currently working in. Let’s have lots of art, within reason.